Waivers are critical documents for businesses that need to protect themselves from undue liability. Similar to insurance, waivers are used to transfer the liability for injury or damages from one party to another by means of a written agreement. 

Some businesses use a lot of waivers, and even worse, some are still using printed versions. That can make storing and tracking all of your documents a nightmare. That’s where waiver management comes in and makes the lives of business owners much easier. 

What is a Waiver Agreement?

There are many different kinds of waiver agreements. In simple terms, these agreements are legally binding documents that confirm one party’s agreement to voluntarily forfeit the right to any claim for injury or damages. This limits liability for the other party involved. 

For example, businesses that offer skydiving drops or jiu-jitsu classes require their customers to sign a liability waiver before participating in the activity. This helps protect the business from any associated injury that may occur. 

Why Your Business Needs Waiver Management

Manually collecting waivers at your business’s location is a pain and can lead to losing or damaging the paper agreements. With modern management software, you can gather them digitally via mobile, tablet, or kiosk. Not only is this more efficient, but it also means no more file cabinets full of waivers either. 

Paper Wavers

Also, all your important forms can be stored digitally and securely in the cloud, ready for you to access at a moment’s notice. This way, you’ll never lose a waiver you may need in court. 

Another huge perk of digital waiver management solutions is that they typically offer templates you can use to get started with quickly. You can also easily edit the templates when you need to make changes. 

If you don’t have a management system or your current process is costing you time and causing you headaches, it’s high time you look into a digital solution. The waivers you collect will be just as legally binding, but the process of collecting, storing, and accessing them will be significantly easier. 

How PandaDoc Waivers Helps Businesses

PandaDoc’s waiver management solution makes the process of gathering waivers completely hassle-free. It allows businesses to collect them on-site via mobile, tablet, or kiosk, and you can even allow your customers to sign them in advance to save more time. 

The easy-to-use visual form editor requires minimal setup time to get it up and running. You can:

  • Quickly create custom templates to meet your specific objectives
  • Continuously edit them on the fly as needed
  • Share via a link or embed a form on your website
  • Keep them all in one central hub so you can easily view them in the future

Most importantly, your customers will sign your waivers digitally with ESIGN- and UETA-compliant electronic signatures. That means they’ll be just as legally binding as a wet ink signature on paper. 

Final Thoughts

Your waiver management system doesn’t have to be stuck in the stone age. If your current method for collecting and storing waivers is inefficient, a solution like PandaDoc Waivers could be exactly what the doctor ordered. You can get started today for free.