Many businesses require the signing of documents. Whether it’s legal contracts, waivers, or indemnity forms, these play a crucial part in how businesses operate. However, traditional paper waivers take time to sign and require storage space. 

Programs like WaiverSign and others have digitized this process to make it easier and more convenient. So, how do you choose the right program? Let’s take a look at some of the best WaiverSign alternatives to help you decide.

What Is E-Signing Software?

E-signing software has been specially developed to allow individuals to sign legally binding documents electronically from their computer or mobile device. More businesses are starting to digitize their efforts, and with good reason. Not only is digitalization better for the environment, but it also makes these processes more efficient to manage.

Instead of waiting for the client to arrive and then slamming tons of paperwork in front of them that has to be read and signed, businesses can send digital copies ahead of time. This gives the client enough time to go through everything thoroughly, ask essential questions, and return the signed documents before their arrival. This means your employees can focus their attention on the customer when they arrive instead of on paperwork.

Having these documents digitally also saves a lot of physical storage space. With digital storage solutions, you can keep these important documents safe without needing filing cabinets and storage rooms.

What Makes a Good E-Signing Program?

A few key features differentiate a good e-signing platform from competitors. These features include:

  • Easy-to-use interface
  • Different ways to upload documents
  • Easy way to add fields to sign
  • Different ways to share documents
  • Ways to add legally binding signatures

Some premium products also include additional features that aren’t necessarily required but can add more functionality to your signing process. These can include analytics, workflow management, notifications, auto-expiration, and more.

WaiverSign Logo An Overview of WaiverSign

WaiverSign is a popular e-signing tool that’s easy to use. You can quickly create, send, view and sign various legally binding documents. It’s also a very affordable option at only $10/month, and a free trial is available. WaiverSign also provides many other useful features, such as monitoring the status of all sent documents and automating the process of sending the documents to multiple parties.


Main features of WaiverSign

Some of WaiverSign’s main features include:

  • Legally binding eSignatures
  • Multiple ways to send a document
  • Templates
  • eSignature API

Legally binding eSignatures

The signatures on WaiverSign are legally binding, and all signed documents are securely stored. Users can also add permissions to the document storage to ensure only employees who need access can access the documents.

Multiple ways to send a document

WaiverSign offers many different ways for businesses to send documents for signing. You can send a convenient link in an email to a client or embed it directly into your website for more general liability forms. Clients can then access and sign the documents on their PC, laptop, or mobile device.


WaiverSign provides users with many different templates to work from. This makes it much easier to create the document you require quickly.

eSignature API

WaiverSign also includes an eSignature API that makes integrating it into your reservation software and the website easier. At this stage, integration features are somewhat limited.

Who would benefit from WaiverSign: Small and medium-sized businesses that must send documents to be signed electronically.

Pros and cons of WaiverSign

Some of the features we love about WaiverSign include the following:

  • It’s affordable
  • It’s easy to set up and use
  • It can be integrated with reservation systems
  • Users can view and track waivers and their status
  • Users can automate processes like sending signed copies to both parties
  • Customer support is active and professional

However, there are also a few cons to the product, such as:

  • It lacks customization options
  • CRM integrations are limited
  • It’s challenging to scale to larger business requirements

WaiverForever Logo An Overview of WaiverForever

WaiverForever is an excellent alternative to WaiverSign as they both have very similar features and are at a similar price point. WaiverForever costs $9.99/month, and a free plan is available for businesses that require only the basic features. WaiverForever really shines in how easy it is to use and the number of customization options available compared to WaiverSign.


Main features of WaiverForever

Some of WaiverForever’s main features include:

  • Customizable templates
  • QR codes
  • Waiver Kiosk
  • Status tracking

Customizable templates

WaiverForever features a large library of templates that users can easily adjust, edit and customize for their individual requirements.

QR codes

WaiverForever also features the ability to send and share legally binding documents through a scannable QR code. This is in addition to being able to send a link and embed the code directly into your website.

Waiver Kiosk

WaiverForever also features a useful Waiver Kiosk which can be added onto a business device and used to collect signatures when there’s a problem with the internet or if the client can’t send back the forms before arrival.

Status tracking

WaiverForever also enables users to track the status of all sent waivers to keep an eye on who still needs to sign a document.

Who would benefit from WaiverForever: Small and medium-sized businesses that require more customization options when sending documents to be signed.

Pros and cons of WaiverForever

The features we loved about WaiverForever include the following:

  • Ease of use
  • Simple workflow management for both employees and clients
  • Cloud storage
  • Free plan
  • CRM integrations
  • Active notification

However, there are also a few cons of the program, such as:

  • Unable to export multiple waivers at once
  • Unable to pre-fill waivers
  • Exporting waivers can lag a bit

WaiverElectronic Logo An Overview of Waiver Electronic

Waiver Electronic is another worthy competitor to WaiverSign because it offers very similar features with a few bonus ones added in. The price point is also quite on par at only $11.99/month with a 30-day free trial included. Waiver Electronic really stands out because it includes a payment collection feature which is uncommon amongst competitors at this level.


Main features of Waiver Electronic

Some of Waiver Electronics’ main features include:

  • Multiple signature collection features
  • Online booking system included
  • Payment collection 
  • Data analytics and exporting

Multiple signature collection features

With Waiver Electronic, you can send, view and sign documents in many different ways. You can send the link via email or SMS or embed it into your website. You can also download the app and use that to sign forms which is great for internal documents such as contracts. They also have a QR code function which you can send to the client.

Online booking system included

This is another feature not frequently seen on programs at this price point. You can use the native online booking system to keep track of reservations and automate sending documents requiring signing. These include booking confirmations, terms and conditions, waivers, etc.

Payment collection 

Waiver Electronic also has a payment collection feature, another uncommon ability at this price range. It works great when paired with the booking system and can offer many businesses an affordable, all-in-one solution to managing bookings.

Data analytics and exporting

Waiver Electronic also has a very functional analytics platform that can give businesses valuable insights into how their documents are performing. If they aren’t being signed, if users are struggling, and more so that improvements can be made where needed.

Who would benefit from Waiver Electronic: Businesses looking for an affordable e-signing solution that includes payment collecting and online booking features.

Pros and cons of Waiver Electronic

The features we loved about Waiver Electronic include the following:

  • Ease of setting it up
  • Value for money
  • Payment collection and booking systems
  • Simple automated workflows
  • 24/7 customer service

However, there are a few cons of the program, such as:

  • Fewer options to edit templates
  • Exporting forms can be confusing when first using
  • There’s an additional charge if you go over your monthly limit

WaiverSign vs. WaiverForever vs. Waiver Electronic – Which Is the Better Option?

We think Waiver Electronic edges out the rest by offering slightly more features that could benefit a business. The fact that it includes a booking system and payment collection feature is a major plus point as it means you don’t have to get another third-party program for these features.

The right program for your business will depend greatly on your needs. Suppose you simply need a tool that allows you to send, view, and sign legally binding documents. In that case, WaiverForever will be a great alternative, as it’s the most affordable on this list while still including all the necessary features.

On the entry-level plan, all three of these programs give you a limited number of documents you can send. Both WaiverSign and WaiverForever cap the number of waivers you can send at 50, whereas Waiver Electronic caps it at 70. As such, you’ll also have to consider the number of waivers you send in a month when making your decision.

PandaDoc Waivers Logo Best Alternative to WaiverSign

If you’re looking for a more affordable alternative that includes all the features required to send and legally sign documents, then you might want to consider PandaDoc Waivers as an alternative. This microapp has been specifically designed by the developers of PandaDoc, which is full-featured SaaS software for e-signing. PandaDoc Waivers is focused on making it easy to upload and send files for signing.

This dedicated focus means that you have a program that’s been built exclusively to make digital signing waivers and other legal documents as easy and convenient as possible. Don’t think you’ll be missing out, though. This microapp still contains all the features required to sign legally binding documents in the most efficient way possible.

Some of the features of PandaDoc Waivers include:

  • Easy to upload waivers
  • Send up to 50 e-signatures per month on the free plan
  • Waivers can be signed via a link, embedded in the website
  • Signatures are legally binding
  • Process multiple documents simultaneously
  • Simple and secure waiver storage
PandaDoc Waivers Website

The best part is that with PandaDoc Waivers, you can use all the above features for free and send up to 50 documents a month. However, as your business grows and you find your business requires more features such as analytics, auto-expire features, and the ability to edit documents, you can upgrade to a PandaDoc account and get more premium features.

Why is PandaDoc Waivers the best platform for sending and signing documents?

You might’ve noticed from the list of features that PandaDoc Waivers include many of the essential elements that make up a good e-signing platform. It’s easy to use. You upload your waiver or document and add fields where signatures are required. Then you’ll receive a link that you can send to your clients via email or text message, or you can embed it straight into your website. This process is so easy that you can start digitizing your waiver and form signing process within minutes without having to learn a complex program.

PandaDoc Waivers
PandaDoc Waivers Interface

Another major benefit is the fact that it’s free to use. Many small businesses and startups don’t have the budget every month to pay for all of the features in an e-signing platform, especially when they only need some of them. However, with PandaDoc Waivers, you get the essential features and can send 50 documents a month for free, so it’s the best option if you’re starting to digitize the process of sending waivers. It can also be scaled as your business grows and your needs change.

Final Thoughts

While conducting the research for this article, it became apparent that there are many WaiverSign alternatives and competitors to consider. Choosing the best option for your business will come down to your requirements. You should bear in mind that the basic plan of all three of these options has monthly limitations. However, the three paid options on this list all include a free version or trial period so that you can try them out before committing to one.
If you’re looking for an e-signing program that’s easy to use, free and includes all the required features for sending and signing legally binding documents, you can’t go wrong with PandaDoc Waivers. Why not give it a try now and see for yourself?