WaiverForever is a digital waiver solution for big and small businesses wanting to streamline their business. E-signing software is used in many different industries to lessen paperwork, optimize workflow, and create a client database. However, not all e-signing software offers the same quality of tools and services. Read further to see our review of WaiverForever, the best alternative options, and the top competitor.

What Is E-Signing Software?

E-signing software is software used to digitally sign documents in a legally binding manner from any device. It allows you to create an online waiver that can be sent via link or email that clients can digitally or electronically sign from their desktops, tablets, or mobiles. Depending on the software, offline signing is available, as well as a variety of analytical tools and audit trails.

e-Signing a Waiver on a Tablet

Legally binding eSignature software is crucial for any business. It allows you to ensure your waivers are valid in the case of any issues and protects the business. Whether you’re in the hospitality industry and need guests to sign a liability waiver or whether you’re in the adventure tourism industry, waivers always need to be legally binding. You’re leaving your business vulnerable if it’s not, so instead, use the best e-signing software available.

What makes a good e-signing program?

The best e-signing software will offer a variety of features. One of the first aspects we consider is whether the software is easy to use. Using software that you’re struggling to navigate and integrate with your existing systems makes no sense. We examine whether the software offers its own cloud storage and database. When customers sign waivers, it’s sent back to you, and gaining access to the database of signed waivers to view them should be as easy as clicking a button.

It’s also vital to have access to multiple waiver templates and alternative signing options, especially if you have different activities or waiver requirements. If it’s easy to view, separate and select the different types of waivers you require, then that’s even better. Many e-signing programs also offer audit trails, API signing, automated workflow, analytics and insights, and notifications when your waivers are signed.

An Overview of WaiverForever

WaiverForever is an e-signing software that can be integrated with kiosks, mobiles and other devices. It can also operate online through a website widget and allows businesses to have waivers signed from anywhere. The software’s price starts at $9.99 per month, but depending on the package, it can go up to $69.99 per month.

WaiverForever Logo

Main features of WaiverForever

WaiverForever offers several features to ensure you have an automated workflow. These features include:

  • Online PDF builder
  • Request, assign, and capture forms
  • Template gallery
  • Digital signature
  • Customer relationship and analytics
  • Integration and reliable storage
  • Flexible Usage Charge

Online PDF builder

This feature allows you to convert any waiver to a polished PDF document, making it easy to view. You can also customize your PDFs and simplify the signing process by dividing the complex sections into smaller parts.

Request, assign, and capture forms

This function makes sending an invite or requesting someone to sign a form easy. It sends a link to the recipient and reminds them to sign the form. You can also set an expiry date and ask that you be notified when the waiver is signed. With quality capture technology, your customers can sign customised waivers online or from any device.

Template gallery

You can access multiple templates, from legal services waivers to liability agreements. It’s fast and quick to select a template and customize it with your branding instead of struggling to create the document from scratch.

Digital signature

Image-based signatures are acceptable and legally binding with WaiverForever, and certificate-based digital signatures are also accepted. Digital signatures are some of the most secure forms of signing an electronic document, uniquely linked to a specific identity. That makes this feature perfect for documents in the legal industry or workspace.

Customer relationship and analytics

The software will create a database of customers who’ve signed or still need to sign documents. It allows you to set up automated emails that provide customers with a copy of the signed document. It also makes it easy to see a list of all your customers, any waivers they’ve signed previously with you, and their contact information. It also provides analytics and insights into your customer’s behavior and finding a specific customer or waiver.

Integration and reliable storage

WaiverForever integrates with many systems to streamline your process. These systems include Mailchimp, Booker, Zapier, Google Drive, and more. However, it also offers reliable storage that secures your documents forever in the cloud. You can download your documents as a PDF or spreadsheet from this cloud.

Flexible Usage Charge

WaiverForever is perfect for bigger businesses that need a lot of waivers signed each month. It offers a Flexible Usage Charge, meaning you only pay for what you use, but it’s not as easy for small businesses to work in a set amount in their financials. Legal businesses, adventure tourism, and hospitality establishments can benefit from this software.

Pros and cons of WaiverForever

While this software is excellent, there are some pros and cons to consider.


  • Many document tools provided
  • Legally-binding digital signatures 
  • Uses Flexible Usage Charge
  • Stores waivers forever


  • Can become expensive
  • Only allows up to 20 team users

An Overview of Wherewolf

Wherewolf is an alternative option, providing contactless electronic waivers that make it easy for guests and customers to sign in. Various features streamline the use of this software, such as guest management, iPad check-in, and more. It offers a free alternative to WaiverForever, but this competitor also offers premium packages. The packages, if billed annually, start at $149 and $299 per month, but you can also negotiate a package specific to your needs for more prominent companies.

Wherewolf Logo

Main features of Wherewolf

Wherewolf is a competitor focusing on adventure tourism, and many of its features reflect that focus.

  • Waiver templates
  • iPad Check-in app
  • Guest management and analytics
  • Integrated software
  • Automated contact

Waiver templates

You’ll find many templates designed with different activities in the adventure tourism industry in mind. This includes Tour, Activity, and Liability waiver templates, making it easy to get your business started on the right track.

iPad Check-in app

A dedicated iPad app makes setting up a kiosk check-in for guests visiting your establishment easy. It streamlines the check-in procedure to help multiple guests in a shorter period.

Guest management and analytics

You can find a database with your guest information, including the activity they’re booked for, the booking date, and whether they’ve signed the waiver already. It’s also possible to analyze your guests’ information, how they heard about you, and other business factors that deliver a successful marketing strategy.

Integrated software

Wherewolf integrates with most of the popular systems used by companies in the adventure tourism industry. That includes programs like Mailchimp, Peek Pro, Xola, and Tomis. There’s no need to change your existing systems when you can integrate them.

Automated contact

Boost your reviews and social media followers using the automated emails sent to guests after their experience with you. It can request a review, and you can link your social media accounts in this email. It also provides crucial feedback on any points where you can improve the experience.

Pros and cons of Wherewolf

While Wherewolf offers most of the needed services, we still look at the pros and cons of this software.


  • Dedicated to adventure tourism solutions
  • Multiple templates for waivers
  • iPad app
  • Legally binding signatures


  • More expensive than other software
  • Not as suited to other industries

An Overview of Smartwaiver

Smartwaiver is another alternative that allows big and small businesses to convert existing waivers into digital documents. You can have your clients sign legally binding waivers using the software and provide an expedited experience regarding online forms. Smartwaiver has several different packages, ranging from $18 per month to $260 per month. All packages allow you to use the different features, with only the amount of waivers available changing.

Smartwaiver Logo

Main features of Smartwaiver

To accommodate your different needs when it comes to signing documents, Smartwaiver offers multiple features.

  • Auto photo capture
  • Collects waivers
  • Waiver editor, console, and sync
  • User management
  • Top integration

Auto photo capture

Automatically capture the image of the guest or client signing your waiver at your location. This software uses your Android tablet or iPad’s built-in camera to take the photo, requiring no additional equipment purchases.

Collects waivers

Smartwaiver allows you to collect your signed documents using various methods. You can choose the best option from an embedded waiver widget and kiosk to email links and QR codes. Further, offline signing is available for clients who don’t immediately have access to the internet.

Waiver editor, console, and sync

The editor makes it easy to customize and edit your documents, while the console streamlines any searches for documents by client name or tag you add to a waiver. The sync function automatically transfers signed documents to your cloud or local hard drive and easily exports CSV or PDF files of your documents.

User management

Perfect for teams, you can assign administrators that manage other users. It’s possible to adjust user access permissions and see a list of all the accounts’ current users.

Top integration

Integrate Smartwaiver with marketing programs like Mailchimp, Emma, or Constant Contact to better your marketing strategy. You can also integrate with leading software like Xola, Mindbody, and FareHarbor. Overall, Smartwaiver is perfect for big and small companies in many industries, as you have access to all the features and can choose how many waivers you’ll need each month. Whether in tourism, hospitality, legal, or any other industry, you’ll find a package suited to your needs.

Pros and cons of Smartwaiver

We’ve considered some of the pros and cons of Smartwaiver below.


  • Multiple packages with all access to features
  • Perfect for work teams
  • Offline waiver signing
  • Legally binding signing


  • Can become expensive
  • No free version

WaiverForever vs. Wherewolf vs. Smartwaiver – Which Is the Better Option?

While the best alternative depends on your e-signing requirements, we found Smartwaiver to be the better alternative and competitor to WaiverForever. This competitor might not have a free version, but all packages allow you access to its exclusive features, unlike other software. Many alternative options, like Wherewolf and WaiverForever, limit the features of the less expensive packages, making it challenging to complete specific actions. With Smartwaiver, you can select a package based on how many monthly waivers you’ll need.

While Wherewolf offers a free version, the Lite version is only suitable for smaller companies that don’t need a lot of features or waivers each month. WaiverForever is a good option for bigger companies, but you should note that the flexible usage charge means you pay a certain amount for each waiver on top of the monthly maintenance fee.

Best Alternative to WaiverForever

An alternative to WaiverForever we’ve found that offers better ease of use is PandaDoc Waivers; the best part is that it’s free. Not only that, but it comes with 50 free legally binding eSignatures each month. It’s available via web browser so that you can access it on any device with an internet connection. It allows you to edit, send, and view documents with a user-friendly user interface.

PandaDoc Waivers
PandaDoc Waivers Interface

Why is PandaDoc Waivers the best platform for sending and signing documents?

PandaDoc Waivers is free to use and provides 50 free monthly eSignatures, making it the ideal solution for a business simply needing legally binding signatures on documents. Note that it has a maximum file upload size of 10 MB, which is good enough for most waivers. It’s also possible to manage your waivers efficiently, as you can store and review all your waivers in one place. You can use this to view approved waivers to ensure compliance easily. For additional features, such as API signatures, Notary functions, and others, you’ll need to sign up for a PandaDoc package. 

Over 40,000 companies use PandaDoc, and the software complies with ESIGN, UETA, and HIPAA to ensure maximum security and privacy. The 24/7 support ensures you can immediately solve any problems, and templates are customizable with your business brand. Further, it’s possible to analyze your client database and documents to create an excellent marketing strategy.

Final Thoughts

All in all, eSignature software is steadily replacing physical signatures and streamlines your business workflow. It’s suitable for all industries, saves paperwork, and makes it easier to find specific documents. We found PandaDoc Waivers to be the best free eSignature competitor to WaiverForever alternative options. While Smartwaiver offers all the different features, it doesn’t offer a free version, whereas PandaDoc Waivers does. View the PandaDoc Waivers website to see whether it’s the ultimate free alternative and solution you need to streamline your waiver signing process. You can always sign up for one of their paid packages for more features if needed.