Do you need a simple way to set up and have your business waivers signed? These days it’s nearly impossible to run a successful business without using waivers or liability forms as a protection measure. This article looks at aWaiver software and its features while giving you alternatives and competitors that perform the same e-signing tasks. Continue reading to learn about waivers, why we need them, and some of the best waiver software to consider.

What Are Waivers and Why Do You Need Them? 

Waivers are used when a business wants to protect themselves from any legal actions. You typically see these types of documents in situations where there’s a certain risk to the client, such as when you offer a skydiving or scuba diving service. By signing the waiver, the client confirms that they are aware of the risks and that they enter into the activity with the knowledge of the risks, and that they won’t hold the business responsible if something happens.

Businesses usually require clients and employees to sign waivers, but printing out the documents is no longer efficient. The process of printing out a waiver, signing it, and filing it has become outdated with the introduction of e-signing software as an alternative.

E-signing software is a digital solution allowing companies to legally receive and give binding signatures. Users of e-signing software can collect signatures on a shared document electronically.

With e-signing software, you can create legally binding waivers, and view, share, and sign them digitally. Businesses can now send waivers to clients beforehand, saving time and enhancing the customer experience. E-signing software saves space that was previously used to store all the signed legal documents as required by the law. Depending on your state, legally binding documents may have to be stored for several years. 

What Features Should You Look for in a Legal Waiver Signing Program?

There are so many e-signing software options that it’s easy to get overwhelmed while trying to choose the best one. While looking through various competitors, it’s important to look at alternatives that meet your requirements. Here are a few key features to consider when selecting a legal waiver signing program from a competitor. 

  • Customization options
  • Various document-sharing options
  • Waiver tracking with notifications
  • Variety of waiver templates
  • E-signatures 

aWaiver Logo An Overview Of aWaiver

The aWaiver software turns your liability waiver into an electronic document that you can send, view and sign electronically. aWaiver makes it simple for companies to manage and store waiver documents, and to identify who’s signed them. For the client’s convenience, the signatures and data are stored on aWaiver’s database for seven years.

One of the aspects that makes aWaiver different from competitors is that you’re only billed for signed waivers, and there are no monthly service charges or monthly minimums. Impressively, there are no storage fees either. Charges start at 15c per waiver. If you open an account, a $30 credit covers 200 waivers with no further charges until you exceed that number of waivers.

aWaiver Website

Main Features of aWaiver

aWaiver provides an effortless way of digitizing waivers and storing legally binding documents online. The key features include: 

  • Customer management tools
  • Audio, visual, & digital signee identification
  • On-site kiosk 

Customer Management Tools

aWaiver allows you to have a customer database that retains all signatures in your own cloud storage. You can easily categorize all your clients and waivers for easy access. If the client sends a low-quality selfie, you can instantly ask for another one. 

Audio, Visual, and Digital Signature

aWaiver verifies the identification of the person signing the waiver using audio and visual technology, as well as the digital signature. The signee sends a selfie which eliminates the possibility of minors signing the waiver. A client can also send an audio clip confirmation which is also stored with the digital signature.

On-site Kiosk

aWaiver clients can set up an on-site kiosk where customers can view and sign the waiver on a tablet. The aWaiver software is compatible with Apple and Android tablets.

Businesses in the tourism and travel industries find the aWaiver software easy to use for all customers participating in activities during tours. The on-site kiosk is convenient as tourists can quickly sign up for an activity and sign the waiver simultaneously. 

Pros and Cons of aWaiver


  • Simple to use: less than 15 seconds to sign
  • Secure with visual, audio, and digital signature
  • Only pay for the waivers you use


  • Limited customization
  • Limited document-sharing options

DocuSign Logo An Overview of DocuSign

DocuSign gives users greater control over the process of creating, sharing, and signing digital waivers. One of DocuSign’s best features is the multiple layers of authentication for signees. This feature adds great security to the management of legal waivers. There’s seamless integration with various applications, and it provides real-time analytics.

The entry-level eSignature package at DocuSign costs $10 a month. There’s also an option to try DocuSign free of charge for 30 days. 

DocuSign Website

Main Features of DocuSign

The DocuSign e-signing software has several features. Let’s go through the main ones. 

  • Document creation
  • Signature authentication
  • Encrypted security
  • Analytics and Reporting

Creation of Documents

DocuSign supports a range of file types, including .doc, .pdf, .docx, .xlsx, .xls, and .txt. With the DocuSign print driver, users can send waivers to DocuSign from more than 50,000 applications. There’s a drawing field for senders and signers to upload images. DocuSign also includes PDF form conversion to save users time. You can guide your clients with tags for initials, titles, names, currency, numbers, text, and many more. You can also customize tags and keep them for future use. 

Signature Authentication

DocuSign has multiple signer authentication levels, including ID verification, email-based authentication, federated identification, SMS, phone, access code, and third-party authorization. Users are more comfortable granting access to documents with all these checks in place. You can assign distinct roles and access levels to signees. 

Encrypted Security

Every document on DocuSign is tamper-evident while using AES 128-bit and SSL 256-bit encryption to protect data and sensitive information. DocuSign automatically gives a different user ownership while removing access from someone who has already signed the waiver. DocuSign complies with eSignature laws following the ESIGN Act of 2000 which states that digital documents and electronic signatures are just as valid legally as their physical counterparts. 

Analytics and Reporting 

Business statistics are always available with extensive scheduled reporting and real-time access. Users can easily print, run, customize, and export reports on DocuSign. All activities on your account are viewable in real time.

DocuSign is well-suited to the real estate industry but works equally well for any business that has multiple signees. 

Pros and Cons of DocuSign 


  • Complete user control
  • Multiple layers of signee authentication
  • Integrates with many applications


  • Uploaded documents can’t be edited

SignRequest Logo Overview of SignRequest 

SignRequest is an affordable and secure program with features to quicken the process of electronic signing. In comparison to other alternatives, SignRequest is one of the most affordable options available, especially considering the features you receive. With SignRequest, you can put signees in the order they need to sign the waiver. You can also use an automatically generated signature or draw one smoothly using a mouse on the easy-to-use interface. The ‘My Documents’ folder allows you to track and manage all your waivers in one place.

SignRequest has a free version that’s been praised by some users, although it has limitations. The Professional package comes in at approximately $9.60 monthly with a 14-day free trial option.

SignRequest Website

Main Features of SignRequest 

SignRequest has a simple interface allowing users to quickly sign, view, and store legally binding waivers in a quick time. Users on a small budget will get the features listed below on SignRequest. 

  • Order of signees
  • App integration
  • Team accounts and custom branding
  • Multi-doc sending

Order of Signees

SignRequest allows users to determine the order of signees. The first signee completes their part before the second signee receives the document. Signees can attach documents and other information. With SignRequest it’s also possible to make attachments a requirement for all signees. You can also notify customers that a document has been completed. This feature isn’t available on the free version of SignRequest. 

App Integration

You can easily add SignRequest to existing software solutions on your laptop or tablet. SignRequest works with Microsoft Power Automate, M-Files, Formdesk, TOPdesk, and Dropbox. Zapier integration automates your e-signature flow by connecting with over 2,000 apps. A signed document automatically triggers the next step in your sales process. 

Team Accounts and Custom Branding

With SignRequest, you can create team accounts with coworkers. Everyone has access to documents and templates while keeping track of all activity. You can upload your logos, and select fonts, colors, default message, and subject line. Signees can be redirected to a customized landing page and thank you page with your branding. A signing log with the email and IP addresses of all signers is created for a secure audit trail. SignRequest also has SMS notifications for added security. 

Multi-doc Sending

Send multiple documents with a public signing link to prevent full inboxes while promoting a smooth process. A large number of signees can sign the same document on the same page with the public signing link. Bulk sending on SignRequest allows signees to sign different copies of the same document.

SignRequest suits small businesses with 50 employees or fewer because of its affordability and simplicity. It also works well with the signing of petitions because a large number of signers can put e-signatures on the same document. 

Pros and Cons of SignRequest 


  • Simple workflow management
  • Send multiple waivers at a time
  • Manage teams and set permissions


  • Document organization is limited
  • Mobile interface can be challenging to use

aWaiver vs. DocuSign vs. SignRequest – Which Should You Choose?

Which one should you choose between aWaiver, DocuSign, or SignRequest? The simple answer is the one that’s best suited to your profession or business. If you’re in real estate or any profession that requires multiple signees to view and sign documents, DocuSign is the best option. aWaiver gives travel and tourism an edge because waivers can be signed just before embarking on tourist activities. While SignRequest is excellent for small businesses that are watching their budgets.

aWaiver can be set up on a tablet as an onsite kiosk where customers digitally sign and take selfies. DocuSign gives more control as the user oversees all activities from creation to signing. SignRequest can create team accounts with everybody able to work on a single waiver, and you can send multiple documents simultaneously. 

PandaDoc Waivers Logo Another Alternative to aWaiver

PandaDoc Waivers is an excellent solution for uploading and sharing waivers with relevant parties so that they can be signed. A drag-and-drop feature makes entering the fields for signing, text or date easy.. 

Another benefit of using PandaDoc Waiver’s is how simple the platform is to use. The interface isn’t cluttered with features you never use. Instead, everything is easily accessible when you need to upload and share waivers to be signed.

With PandaDoc Waivers you can upload and share up to three documents simultaneously, and you can collect up to 50 signatures for free each month. This makes it an affordable option for businesses that only require waivers or contracts to be signed every now and again. 

Why is PandaDoc Waivers the Best Platform for Signing Legally Binding Documents?

PandaDoc Waivers supports the latest data protection regulations so you can safely and securely create and store legally binding documents. PandaDoc Waivers is great if your business only creates and signs a few waivers per month and you’re looking for a free option. You can share forms via direct link or embed them on your company website, making the platform convenient and simple to use.

PandaDoc Waivers Website

Final Thoughts

E-signatures have cut down the time we spend getting signatures on documents like waivers. A process that took days or weeks is now done in minutes with software like aWaiver. If you find that aWaiver doesn’t suit you, DocuSign or SignRequest might be better options for your line of business.

Each software option has its strengths which can be applied to certain sectors of industry with impressive results for productivity. If you have a team working with you, take advantage of SignRequest while DocuSign has a package specifically for realtors. However, if you only send a few waivers a month, we recommend you use PandaDoc Waivers with its free yet secure options. As a microapp, PandaDoc Waivers ticks all the boxes for getting basic document flow and signing efficiently done in your organization or office.

There are lots of other alternatives to the aWaiver software on the market, but we recommend you try PandaDoc Waivers for your waivers and legally binding documents.