There are so many tasks that go into running your own business. If you run one that offers adventurous or potentially risky services, you’ll soon find that legal waivers and liability forms are part of the package. Clubspeed is a great program for making it easier to manage your facilities and legal documents. However, there are also great alternatives to consider if you need something different. Join us as we look at the top Clubspeed alternatives and competitors.

What Are Waivers and Why Do Businesses Need Them?

Waivers are essential documents for any business that offers a service with potential risks. Examples can be family entertainment services that offer quad biking, guided hikes, skydiving, and more. They’re essential in protecting your business from potential lawsuits. However, managing these documents, along with everything else, can be overwhelming.

If your employees need to run around to ensure legal documents are signed and stored correctly, it can take away from the customer’s experience. Ideally, you want your clients to arrive with a warm welcome with competent staff ready to take them on their adventure activity. Having to worry about paperwork is not something many enjoy doing, especially when looking forward to an activity like scuba diving.

Managing these documents, along with other aspects of your business, doesn’t have to be a major chore. There are many different tools available to help you simplify these processes. From venue or business management software to waiver-signing tools, there’s a vast array of products available to assist you in running your business smoothly.

What’s The Difference Between a Good Legal Waiver Signing Program and a Mediocre One?

If you start looking at venue management tools that include waiver-signing functions, you’re sure to find a wide range to choose from. But how do you know which program is right for your business? We’ve rounded up some of the key features that you should look for when choosing the best waiver-signing platform. These features include:

  • Secure, unlimited storage
  • Variety of templates for legally binding documents
  • Editing tools
  • Range of sharing options
  • Access and permission controls
  • Workflow management features

Clubspeed Logo An Overview of Clubspeed

Clubspeed is so much more than just a waiver-signing platform. It offers you multiple ways to manage your business from one convenient platform. While you can create, view, and send waivers and other legally-binding documents with the platform, you also have many other useful features that can help you run your business.

You can easily integrate your POS and CRM platforms for more efficient and effective use. The program offers an online booking platform with numerous cashless payment options available. You can also manage all your bookings (both online and in-house) directly through the platform without having to switch between programs.

Clubspeed is a full-featured venue management platform that includes waiver-signing functions. As such, it’s more expensive than just subscribing to a waiver-signing platform. The Core plan is $399.00/month; however, they also offer custom plans if you only require certain features.

Clubspeed Website

Main Features of Clubspeed

Some of the key features of Clubspeed include:

  • Waiver management
  • Inventory and fleet management
  • Gift card and loyalty program
  • Automated marketing features

Waiver Management

Clubspeed offers numerous waiver management features. You can conveniently create and manage all your waivers and legal documents from a single platform. You can also generate sharing links which you can embed in your website or send to clients via email or text message. 

Inventory and Fleet Management

You can also monitor all your stock levels from the platform. Additionally, you’re able to place orders when needed by monitoring the current stock levels. You’ll also be able to track your fleet, i.e. cars, canoes, quad bikes, etc., to ensure there’s enough available for upcoming customers.

Gift Card and Loyalty Programs

Clubspeed also makes it possible to create and send gift cards and loyalty programs. You can use the platform to create digital gift cards which can be purchased. You can also set up a loyalty program through the platform to encourage repeat business.

Automated Marketing Features

With Clubspeed you’re also able to automate email and text message marketing. Is a customer’s birthday coming up? Why not offer them a personalized birthday message and add a birthday discount? Do you have a loyal customer that’s been supporting your business consistently? Why not thank them with a custom-made email with a coupon? 

Pros and Cons of Clubspeed


  • Wide variety of features
  • Simple waiver creation and management
  • Multiple integration options available (CRM and POS)
  • Automated marketing features


  • Can be expensive

Roller Logo An Overview of Roller

Roller is a great alternative to Clubspeed as it offers a very similar service. Again, this program isn’t just a waiver management platform but rather enables you to manage various aspects of your business. You’re able to create, view and manage waivers, while still having access to other features.

With Roller, you can integrate your CRM and POS systems, making it possible to work from one program. You’ll also be able to take in booking and payments digitally, which increases its value even further. The app also offers other features such as mobile check-in, analytics, staff permissions, and more.

This full-featured program costs $360.00/month for the Lite plan, and a further discount is available if you decide to pay annually. Roller also offers a 14-day free plan to give users an opportunity to try out the program.

Roller Website

Main Features of Roller

Let’s take a look at some of the key features of Roller: 

  • Create packages, gift cards, and discounts
  • Send and manage digital waivers
  • Access control for guests

Create Packages, Gift Cards, and Discounts

Roller is a good competitor to Clubspeed because it also includes features to create gift cards and discounts. However, with Roller, you can also create product packages. This is useful if you offer multiple services, as it enables you to create bundles or packages for guests. 

Send and Manage Digital Waivers

With Roller, you can create, store, view, and send legally-binding waivers to your clients before they arrive at your venue. This means your clients can complete all the paperwork in advance, leaving them to just enjoy the experience as soon as they walk through the door.

Guest Access Control

This uncommon feature is another one that makes Roller a good alternative to Clubspeed. It allows you to automate access for guests to your venue. This reduces queueing and makes monitoring guest activity easier as you’re not tied up in paperwork.

Pros and Cons of Roller


  • Simple waiver management
  • User-friendly interface
  • Multiple channel integrations
  • Roles and permissions for employees


  • Reporting system sometimes gives issues

CenterEdge Logo An Overview of CenterEdge

CenterEdge is fully featured facility and venue management software that includes a wide range of useful features to benefit your business. This service is popular with family entertainment centers, theme parks, adventure parks, and more.

Some of the features offered by CenterEdge are events and party bookings, POS integration, analytics, food and drink level monitoring, employee management, and waiver signing.

CenterEdge doesn’t offer set plans; instead, you can choose which features you need, and a custom price is calculated based on that selection. This means you truly only pay for what you use and not for features you’ll never touch. Since there’s a wide range of businesses that can use the software, this system makes it possible for small adventure hiking businesses and large commercial theme parks to pay for what they need.

CenterEdge Website

Main Features of CenterEdge

Let’s take a look at some of the main features of CenterEdge, which include:

Online Booking Platform

CenterEdge offers an online booking platform that enables visitors to book single, group, or special events such as birthdays. The platform also supports multiple cashless payment options to ensure you receive and track deposits for larger groups.


CenterEdge offers a wide range of analytics and pre-built reports that you can generate to stay on top of what’s happening with your business. Whether you want to see how many guests visited your venue, or if you want to get client information for marketing purposes, there will be a report for you.

Employee Management

The program also includes employee management tools that enable you to set work schedules, monitor employee hours and payroll, and set permissions. This tool makes it possible to stay on top of your employees and keep everyone informed.

Waivers and Liability

CenterEdge makes it easy to create, view, share, and store waivers. You can send waivers to your clients the moment they book. If they sign and send it back before arrival, this is stored next to their booking profile so that when the guest arrives, employees will see they’ve signed the waiver. This makes waiver management much easier.

Pros and Cons of CenterEdge


  • Wide range of features
  • Pick the features you need
  • Only pay for what you need


  • Dated when compared to alternatives

Clubspeed vs. Roller vs. CenterEdge – Which is the Top Option?

Deciding between these Clubspeed competitors can be a challenge as each platform has many useful features. However, deciding which one will be best for you will depend on your requirements. Clubspeed has many useful features for managing your business, but it can be on the expensive side.

Roller is a great alternative to Clubspeed since it includes many of the same features. However, Roller is cheaper than Clubspeed, especially if you go with the annual payment that includes a discount. It’s also the only option that includes a free trial, which means you can try out the software before committing.

While CenterEdge also has many great features, it might not be the top competitor. This is largely because you don’t see the pricing plans. Instead, you select the features you want, and that’s the basis of the fee that CentreEdge calculates for you. This is quite unpredictable, as the more features you add, the more expensive your package will become.

We feel the top competitor between these programs would be Roller. It’s the most affordable option in this list and still includes many useful features. 

PandaDoc Waivers Logo Another Alternative to Clubspeed

If you’re looking for a simpler program that can help you view, send, and sign waivers without all the extra features that make it expensive, we’ve a good option for you. PandaDoc Waivers is a free micro app from the developers of the popular SaaS software, PandaDoc.

Since it’s a microapp, it focuses on one feature – in this case, sending and signing waivers. This focus on a single feature means that extra time has been spent to ensure that the program works well and is easy to use.

Why is PandaDoc Waivers the Best Platform for Signing Legally Binding Documents?

PandaDoc Waivers specializes in uploading, viewing, and sharing waivers, liability forms, and other legal documents for free. You’re able to create up to three templates and send 50 documents for signing in a month. This platform is ideal if you only need to send a few waivers a month, and you’re looking for a secure free platform that’s simple to use.

Final Thoughts

Many great venue management platforms include waiver-signing abilities. However, before choosing one for your business, it’s important to make sure it has the features you need and falls within your budget. Some of these programs may include features that you don’t need – so why pay for them? If you’re looking for a good alternative to Clubspeed, we recommend Roller as it’s more affordable while still including many of the same features.

However, if you don’t need all these features and are just looking for a simple waiver-signing platform, then PandaDoc Waivers is for you. Why not give PandaDoc Waivers a try for free right away?